lucille calmel

some voice zoomed recordings (9>14 avril)


On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 2:09 PM, lucille c. <> wrote:

ideas, links, focuses>

i like to walk&talk with a zoomh2
sometimes inside mouth,s

i like to touch&voice some laptop,s

i love to performimprovise with composersmusicians
absinthe (provisoire), bruital orgasme, f.a.g.s., Hugues Warin, jeanf Blanquet, Joachim Montessuis, phil von, prairie, servovalve, Thierry Coduys, thirtytwobit, totenfest, Yannick Franck,,,

i thinkfeel every material (to appear) as a way to perform (to disappear),
bodies & presences also as tools,
words vanishing into sounds, sounds appealing some letters,
pictures & lights are not far away

that’s it , tuesday nov the 16th, that it to say 5 months before


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