SoundLab #2 2012

SoundLab #2: Voice & Identity? Was the first SoundLab for 2012 and was in February and ran for a 6 day period. It was Curated by Bart de Wildeman from the Theatre de la Liberté group based in Belgium (see page of Geert Vaes for further details). myself with assistance from Sara Vilardo.

The theme & focus of this week’s work was Voice & Idenity(?) How do we express and pose questions about our Identity(?) using as a starting point the tool of the Voice. We were lucky to also have amongst the Sound Lab Participants and combined ‘Liberté’ group, visiting Voice Artist from Finland Juha Valkeapää and the Students of the Rits Radio School.

This week each participant ran a workshop based on their individual research which gave us a ‘tool kit’ of ideas to utilise during a durational 4 hour performance/broadcast that was held in the Jubelpark Museum during the Museum Night Fever 2012 programme in Brussels.

Sound Lab 2 2012 will be held May with more information to come briefly…

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Future SoundLabs 2012

New Update to come for the First Lab of 2012. Here soon…I am in the process of finalising the forthcoming Labs with our new (and old) partners de PianoFabriek, Les Bains Connective, and nadine for  2012.

There will be a rotational curatorship of each Lab and this is a test ground to see how these will run over 2012 for the continuation of the Labs into the future.

These are provisionally for May, September and November.

German Director Julie Pfleiderer and Australian Performance Artist Caroline Daish will be the next curators of the Lab in May 2012. The Sound Lab was also will be included in the Open Doors Festival that the Werkplatz are involved with during the Kunsten Festival Des Arts 2012.
The theme and questions behind this next Lab are currently being defined and a call for proposals will be announced by the end of 2011.

Many thanks and looking forward to our future collaborations.

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SoundLab #1: Day 10

This was a clean up day and debrief meeting. Present at that meeting from the participants involved were, Stijn, Dianne, nicky, Robin, Selina, Roel, & Bram.

We met to discuss how these topics:

  • The expectations and outcome for the participant’s experience during the Lab.
  • How it could be managed better if necessary?
  • Was the content sufficiently organised or not?
  • Was the timing sufficient?
  • How was the communication during the Lab? What can be improved?
  • How can this Lab /Group / Community go on in the future?

From these questions we found that generally all present agreed that the expectations were not high and that it exceeded expectations as far as shared knowledge, interest in the subject of sound, and the questions we had with our individual works.

People had received inspiration from others in regards to experiencing the sharing of their own backgrounds and works which had direct influence on some of the works that were being made, tested and thought about during the Lab itself.

Also the ability to collaboratively work together had been a positive experience by all present. The diversity of backgrounds and shared knowledge of the landscape of sound and performance had assisted many of the participants to go further with their individual projects.

We discussed the future of the Lab to develop it to become a collective and to be held  every 4 months over a period of 3 weeks. Whereby we focus on a rotational Curatorship (whether that be shared or not) and Administration duties between members of the ‘collective’/SoundSect, as we called it. With the mind to present works chosen by the group and worked on by them during these 3 weekly perio.

We also discussed to broaden out the partners involved, which is in the process of being organised now, with the prospective to then have support for the group in the future.

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SoundLab #1: Day 9

The proposals today consisting of a listening session of the Chris Watson Audio Diary by Dianne Weller which will be played on Radio RADA, to check the content and the technical editing with Stijn Demeulenaere, nicky miller, & Julie Pfliederer.

We also checked through the soundtrack of nicky miller’s latest film to see what we could then work on to make the soundscape richer and we decided that it was already a good mix as it was.

Bram Borloo was busy editing his soundtrack that he had recorded during the week on location.

And we prepared the space for Stijn’s recording session with dancer Dolores Hulan for his next residency piece for STUK.

We went on a field trip to perform/record the Cafe scene in Robin Faure’s piece ‘the Slience’ with Dianne Weller, Selina Taylor, Robin Faure, and Roel Heremans.

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SoundLab #1: Day 8

Two practices proposals were made by David Helbich and Robin Faure with the participation of the artists Myriam Van Imschoot, Selina Taylor, Stijn Demeulenaere, Roel Heremans, Dieter Van Damn, Nicky Miller and Dianne Weller.

The proposal of David Helbich was a tryout of a new composition that takes place in a site specific location. The focus of this was to read and perform the written score in a urban environment soundscape and to check out the difficulties for the audience/performer and gain some feedback for David for this work.

The proposal of Robin Faure was to brainstorm and improvise the  soundtrack for a scenario of ‘the last Silence’ which is a piece from ‘Adult Fairytales for the End of the World’. Robin wrote sketches of dialogues that we improvised and gave feedback back on for the next draft of the script. One scene from will be recorded and take place on Thursday for a radioplay. We also discussed contining partnerships for the broadcast and subsequent recordings sessions.

Following this we had a brainstorm session for Dianne Weller’s scenario of ‘For your ears only’ – working title, which Dianne will be working on during her residency at Work Space Brussels. We discussed some scenario possibilities, and had a discussion around the topics concerning the issues and reasons behind the piece. Some research that arised out of the discussion included Pete Eckhart’s video who is a blind contemporary artist.

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SoundLab #1: Day 5

Continuing the general presentations of artists and their work including David Helbich: Composer/Sound Artist/Choregrapher, again; Selina Taylor: Visual Performing Artist and a short film presentation and feedback session on a film/Sound work of Roel Heremans.

Artists present were Dianne, nicky, Robin and Stijn. Questions that were raised concerned the role of the performer and audience in relation to one another and the role that performance plays in general.

Selina Taylor presented a film based around this subject by Artist Edgar Schmidtz taken in Rotterdam.

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SoundLab #1: Day 4

The artists presenting today were nicky miller: performing artist, and David Helbich: Sound Artist and Composer. Other Artists in presence during the discussion and presentations were Stijn, Tamara, Dianne, Myriam.

Through the presentations the ideas and the themes that came up were on Noise Art, control during improvistion, and also how a composition can be a composed improvisation.  And does an audience need to train their ear to listen to different musical compositions for understanding and appreciation of it.

Also we looked at working with accidents and interruptions in performance,  and is it difficult for an audience and if so, how and why? And what is the position of the audience as a listener? Which opened up the discussion to talk about how we listen. What are the ways of listening? What kind of filters do we use? We have filters already existing in our ear. Which again is another reflection on the discussion we had the day before about the quality of sound and sound tracks used in performance.

Another topic was the dramaturgy of sound and images, how to create a dramaturgy through the sound rather than the images. The position of the audience as a listener and how to manipulate the audience through the sounds and the image.

We also talked about the fakeness of film sound and how it is not represeantional of real life in capturing and creation of the sound design and how it has been tried both successfully and non successfully to achieve different qualities.

References: Art of Noise – Luigi Rousolo & Film Socialisme – Jean Luc Goddard, Dogma. Arte diffused, Documentary to find & research: The Way We Hear author unknown.

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