Questions raised…

These were some of the questions raised during the discussions of the Lab surrounding the works of the participants….

  • Sound and definition in cosmogonie

– sound and cultural education

– sound and oral transmission in ancient oriental cultures

  •  Silence : is there really any ever ? is it necessary in sound to have silence? how is it used? can there really be true silence? How would we cope in this environement?
  •  Saturation of visuzal and aural stimilus in the society . How we cope with this and use it or not in performance. How do we listen really?
  •  How can absence of a sense, idea sound, visual, in a installation or performance develop the presence of the absent element? How important is the imagination in the developing these missing elements? In a shared environment? And choices of the environments used in the works presented, and discussions around that.
  •  The education or self education (DIY) of a skill and the breaking of that skill and how this can be used in an interesting, captivating manner.
  • Noise Art, what are the levels of control during improvistion, and also how can a composition can be a composed improvisation
  • Training our hearing, is it important that we listen to different sound scapes/compositions before we can appreciate them ?
  • What use do Filters have on our hearing, either physiologically or  externally ?

– accident, interruption in recordings, performance, concerts, composition

– sound and dramatury through images, influences and control of the soundtrack of images

– audience position : as a listener?

– fakeness of capturing sound for films, soundtracks already made.


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