nicky miller

Nicky Miller is a french artist working in the field of performing arts and films. Nicky is living in Belgium since 2005. She has studied contemporary dance (Europe and USA) after her law’s studies at the University of Paris-Sorbonne in France. She did a Postgraduate School Programm for performing arts In Antwerpen (APT) based on self-education (2008).
Her main practice is to use medias as a composition form of art : performance, drawings, short – films and music. She considers each of these medias as a score to write and compose. After many experiences with other artist group, she is developing a method of documenting works as an archive «  the witness – archive project ». Nowadays she is making a new performance « Red shoes and Book » which is inspired by texts written by the american writer Gertrude Stein.

I will start to search about sound and words in Gertrude Stein’s texts : Tender Buttons…

paul could make believe see a short film by Nicky on                                                               “To do : a book of alphabets and birthdays”


                                   soundtrack composition,

                                                   accident ,

                                                     fakeness of recordings                                                                     soundtracks ,

audience position as a listener,                                                  

                                 manipulation trough the sound ,

interruption ,

                              dramaturgy of sound trough the image 

           WEEK II = creating a soundtrack for hymn of fire made by a group 


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