SoundLab: the project…

SoundLab in nadine April 2011

For two weeks in April 2011 Dianne Weller  & Kim Lien Desault shared a residency together during a period of two months. During April we hosted a sound lab whereby artist from different disciplines (Sound Artists; Performers; Musicians; Composers) who were working around the focal area of sound were asked to take part.

The aim of the Lab was to create a platform which proposes an examination of sound in it’s various forms. In this project we would like to delve into critical discussions on sound in it’s varying usages and it’s strategies and working methodologies in the context of sound-art. This opportunity to discuss & debate  working practices and ideas will give the participants and place to share their knowledge/s of the potential of the spatial and communicative properties of sound as a tool and means of practice.

The individual means and approaches of the artists involved will be the foundation of this lab. It is set up as a place to share, inform and develop your own projects, and a place to create an platform for collaboration with the other participants involved. This lab is set up as a place of open learning, collaboration and exchange.

Some starting points in common we began with were :

What does sound mean to you? How do you use sound? What are the qualities of it? Do you have a certain working methodology with sound and it’s usage. How are sound and specialization linked together? How does it effect the audience, in ways and means?

During this two week period we proposed to develop theoretical questions and also practical ones from the participants of the lab. Everyone in a context of self organisation and organic movement. It is a place that you can freely make some proposals for the discussion/debates or for practical work. Also on participation level, the period of the lab should be for 2 weeks, each participant needs to give their proposed time commitment to the Lab, in which capacity they can take part, whether that be in the proposals, or the discussion/debates or the future the workshop which shall also be planned during these 2 weeks periods.

The scheduling and proposal selection will be organised by the curators hosting each subsequent Lab. The needs for each working proposal will be discussed, considering the feasability of it and prepared by the Curator/s.

where it began…

nicky miller and Dianne Weller set up this Sound Lab coming out of a common interest in voice and performance. We decided to design a place and space for sharing and expression of all things to do with sound.

This is the first SoundLab hosted by us and Nadine Plateau whereby artists of varying backgrounds from Visual Arts, Sound, Music and Performance, are invited to bring, and share their work and have the chance to collaborate together in practice and theory. To propose to discuss their individual questions regarding their work and research topics and opening it up to a broader discussion.


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